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  • Brooklyn Scott

All the women who are [financially] independent - throw your hands up at me!

Although I want to believe every one of my female friends is financially engaged, “[s]tatistics show that women are still behind the curve when it comes to managing their finances. In Manitoba, only 47% of women hold some sort of investment compared to 62% of males. Women are less likely to hold stocks as an investment (9% compared to 27% of males), and when it comes to attaining our financial goals, 64% of women say they worry about this, compared to only 42% of males. Women earn 25% less than males, have less in pensions and savings, and are more likely to live in poverty after the age of 65” (Source:

Going forward, I would love to see these statistics change. Every woman should have the confidence to take control of their financial situation, manage their money, establish a long-term plan, set goals and attain financial security while investing in their future. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Money and even simply talking about money, can be intimidating. Taking that first step to call someone to have a chat can be somewhat daunting.

My role as an advisor is to help you to overcome your fears and hesitations. I want to know what your dreams are, and help you achieve them whether it is paying off your student loans, travelling around the world, or buying your very first condo or house. I want you to save money, be tax efficient and truly understand your finances, so you can feel confident in the security you have built for yourself.

If you’d like to chat about becoming the financially independent woman you know you are, please give me a call.

Brooklyn Scott is a Financial Advisor/Mutual Funds Representative for Lewis & Jones Group/Desjardins Financial Group/Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. in Killarney, Manitoba.

Mutual funds are distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. For insurance products, Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. acts as a national insurance brokerage agency.

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